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X-Men First Class


What a GIGANTIC disappointment. This movie is a CHEESEBALL.

There is no editing in this movie.

There’s SO much I hated.

The diamond/crystal lady. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. In Wolverine, they had a diamond lady right? That was PERFECT. But for First Class, they took it too far and nothing about it screamed, “awesome” to me. It looked like they tried TOO hard and ended up with this video game looking thing. And she can conveniently read minds. Great.

Beast. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME. His mouth looks like a stuffed animal’s mouth. why?? Beast never looked like that cheap in the other X-Men’s. Why??? What sense does that make?

Magneto was my favorite, up until he did this move

wait for it…………..

There… What. the fuck is this. 

Are you kidding? then you put a good scene right after, but i still can’t get this “boo” moment out of my head.

Its not good.

There is no editing!

Okay, an example of the editing fail is when Kevin Bacon says the word “enslavement” they show you a picture of this guy:

The fuck are they thinking. That I just wouldn’t notice??

The creators were just like, what other crap should we put in here? A MONTAGE. A matchy-clothes-comic book lines-and other OVERLY DONE CLICHE MONTAGE SHIT.

The montage doesn’t even happen until 120 minutes later. 117 minutes to be exact I shit you not.

Yes, i know this is an origins movie, so of course we know whats gonna happen. But, that doesn’t mean I can predict the dialogue, and the way the scene will carry out.

You know what each character is gonna say next because is garbage hackneyed phrases that we have already heard a million times over. 

What’s so different about this movie??? The fuck is everyone bending over backwards for??? We have seen shit that is SOOOO much better than this. 

And why does this movie keep putting crap in and not explaining shit??? Why does diamond/mind reading lady have cartoon thoughts?! Professor X looks into her mind and see’s this bullshit colorful map with land mine booms in landmark spots over the globe. IT LOOKED FUCKING STUPID.

Alex Summers? Your gonna Hula Hoop your lasers out of your body?! REALLY. Yeah, your fucking terrifying. 

Fairy lady can spit fireballs? She spits that shit out of her throat the way a cat would puke a hairball. Why? What does being a fairy have anything to do with being able to spit fireballs? I’m not saying that all powers need to relate to one another, i’m just saying that those powers sound DUMB.

Where’s Professor X’s character development by the way? Seems like he was just born with all the answers and the only thing he did that makes him seem more “mature” is that he stopped drinking. Way to go.

Least we learn why Magneto’s such an asshole. Nazi influence.

But Professor X? Tell me why you wanna be good. Explain it to me, this is a origins movie. I wanna know why you’re good, or why you’re bad.

Professor X, what’s the point? Why do you think everything is rainbow’s and butterflies and that everyone will understand your point of view? Because your rich shit? How bout all those minds you can read? If you used your power more often you would be able to read how negative and evil people can think. Why not listen to magneto? Then you just flip your shit after you get paralyzed and decide to be an asshole? What the fuck are you all about? How do YOU think? The only reason why people are following you is because your the recruiter and you have a big mansion at your disposal and you wrote a book. Next time, don’t be shocked when people don’t wanna hear you out and just wanna shoot missiles at your face. How bout you put down your genetics thesis and pick up a psychology book, bitch.

There’s so much more that I can complain about but I’m just too angry to keep going. FUCK ALL REVIEWERS THAT ARE GIVING THIS MOVIE A’S.

It is NOT good, no one will convince me or change the stupid shit this movie does.

It’s too long, too embarrassing, and fucking fake. It’s got these hoodwinking movie tricks to make you like it. Its all bullshit.

I’m full of rage.

  1. quietorpheus said: Everyone keeps saying it’s the best superhero movie since the last Batman movie. Uhm. I can tell from the trailer that is not true.
  2. fantasticshore said: Go see it again. Just a suggestion.
  3. playdumbwithme posted this
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